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Recorded Music Market Shares Streaming Drives Growth

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

MIDiA has been tracking record label and publisher financial releases throughout 2016. In addition MIDIA has conducted market sizing work on the publishing sector and research for the Worldwide Independent Network’s (WIN) indie label market share project. Pulling all of these inputs together, along with reports from country trade bodies and PROs, MIDiA has created a recorded music market share model to provide a unique view of where the revenue flows in the global business. To ensure as representative a picture as possible all local currency data has been converted into US dollars at the currency conversion rates for the respective quarters. This removes the distortion effect that occurs when data historical data is retrospectively converted at today’s conversion rates.

Key Findings

  • Universal Music’s global record label revenue share was XXX far ahead of the nearest rival Sony Music which had a XXX share
  • UMG had a big streaming year, seeing revenue increase by XXX Music had the best major label performance in local currency terms, growing its revenue by XXX and its market share from XXX to XXX Chappell had a good year, growing revenue by XXX year-on-year
  • Sony registered a US dollar growth of XXX in 2016, the highest of all the majors, increasing its market share from XXX in 2015 to XXX in 2016
  • In Yen terms SME’s revenue grew by just XXX in 2016
  • Independent labels saw revenue increase by XXX but that was not enough to prevent market share fall slightly from XXX in 2015 to XXX in 2016
  • Independent publishers had a strong year, seeing revenue grow by XXX and market share grow from XXX in 2015 to XXX in 2016
  • The global recorded music business grew by XXX in 2016, adding XXX billion, reaching XXX billion
  • Streaming revenue grew by XXX in 2016 to reach XXX billion, up from XXX billion in 2015
  • The midterm revenue outlook is as much about legacy format transition as it is streaming growth

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, KPN, Sony Music, Sony/ATV, Spark, Spotify, Universal Music, Universal Music Publishing, Warner Music, Warner Chappell

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