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Mapping Daily Active Gamers Across Platforms Diversity Is The Name Of The Game

Report by Karol Severin
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20,000 Foot View: The Daily Active User (DAU) is a common engagement metric, often used in gauging companies’ performance and value. In gaming, DAUs vary markedly across mobile, PC, console and social. The differences are seen in penetration rates, demographics, engagement and spending trends. As the silo walls between gaming formats gradually break down, the DAU measure will be increasingly used in a cross-format, cross-platform context. To assign value to the DAU accurately in the always-on world, it is important to remain aware of the nuances daily gamers’ carry on each format.

Key Findings: 

           of consumers play mobile games daily, which represents        of monthly active mobile gamers.        of consumers play PC games daily, which represents        of monthly active PC gamers        of consumers play console games daily, which represents        of monthly active console gamers
  • The US and Brazil have the highest DAU gamer penetration across all formats
  • German gamers have the lowest monthly to daily user ratio 
  •        of social DAU gamers and        of mobile DAU gamers are female, compared to        of PC DAU gamers and        of DAU console gamers who are male         of daily mobile,        of daily console and        of daily PC gamers spend less than        hours per week and no more thab        dollars per month on gaming        of DAU console gamers spend more than        per month on gaming, compared to        of daily mobile gamers and        of PC Gamers
  • Mobile gaming is driving the emergence of a new tier of hardcore casual gamers

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Activision, Facebook, King, Messenger, Microsoft, Minecraft, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Psyonix, Rocket League, Scorpio, Tencent, Xbox 

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