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Decoding The Live Event Consumer How Social Media and Smartphones Are Redefining Live Experiences

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

       prolonged decline of the recorded music business is a mirror opposite of the dynamic growth in the live music sector, which itself is just one part of a booming live event marketplace. In the age of content abundance, consumers increasingly value the scarcity of live experiences. Meanwhile social media and smartphones are becoming an integral part of the entire live experience, from discovery, through purchasing to the live event itself.

       report leverages the findings of a See Tickets partnered with Schlesinger Associates consumer survey. All data refers to US event goers.

              of event goers rely on event advertising across all channels to discover upcoming events

  •        of event goers turn to friends for live event recommendations, rising to        for males
  • Half of event goers turn straight to search to find out more about an event after they have first heard about        of event goers ask others if they want to go before they buy tickets, while,        act on impulse and buy        of event goers buy tickets from ticketing companies’ websites
  • The average number of tickets bought is        with        and        the most common quantities bought per buyer
  • Event goers are split evenly into Urgent Seekers and Considered        of event goers print e-Tickets at home while        use e-Tickets on smartphones
  • Over half of physical ticket holders, however, keep tickets of events that they enjoyed as a memento for at least               of live event goers use smartphones to take photos at events while        use them to take        of event goers do social posts or post photos when at events while        use social notifications to let people know they are attending
  • Only        of event goers regularly buy merchandise at events, with just        doing so always
  • The        that just buy occasionally represents a key opportunity to grow the number of regular        of event goers would buy merchandise if they could buy it when booking the ticket, rising to        for under        mentioned in this report:  See Tickets, Facebook, Groupon

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