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AI and the future of music The future is already here

Report by Mark Mulligan, Hanna Kahlert and Tatiana Cirisano
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20,000 foot view:  Unlike most new technology hype cycles, the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has on the world is already surpassing expectations. Within the music industry, AI will largely be an enabler and accelerant of already-existing trends and market shifts: the growth of self-releasing artists, the consumerisation of music-making, and the resulting oversaturation and hyper-fragmentation of the market. These shifts will elevate fandom as the differentiator, and push labels to reposition themselves as fandom drivers. How the music industry responds to copyright concerns will have profound implications — at best, AI could unearth a new set of revenue opportunities for rights holders.

Key insights 

  • Half of            creators believe AI can be            useful tool for making music,            a quarter are neutral on            matter
  • AI will            music-making tools, driving a quantum            in music output
  • As AI            the oversaturation and hyper-fragmentation of            music market, as well as            blurring of lines between creators            consumers, the ability to cultivate            will become the ultimate differentiator
  • AI does            have to generate great music            erode major labels’ market share;            only needs to generate enough            with one stream each
  • As AI            take over creators’ needs, from            (i.e., scheduling, drawing up contracts)            creative (i.e., developing marketing campaigns),            labels will need to reposition            value around artist development and            fandom 
  • AI will            both passive and active music            but lean more heavily to           
  • If embraced,            could unearth an entirely new            of licensing opportunities for recorded            from licensing proprietary datasets to            tools

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Aespa, Arca, Avid, ChatGPT, CoSo, Discover Mode, Drake, Fiverr, Holly Herndon, HYBE, iZotope, K/DA, KINGSHIP, LANDR, League of Legends, MasterClass, MAVE, Mubert, , NASA, Netflix, Neutron, Never Before Heard Sounds, SM Entertainment, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Soundful, Splice, Spotify, Teflon, Tencent Music Entertainment, TikTok, Universal Music Group, Voltaire, The Weeknd

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