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Video forecast 2023-2030 Available across 38 countries and regions

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This forecast presents a complete view of the subscription video on demand (SVOD) landscape. It includes SVOD subscription numbers by service provider for Amazon, Apple, Disney, Netflix, Paramount, YouTube, and Warner Bros Discovery; as well as total SVOD revenue figures, SVOD subscriber (user) numbers, SVOD ARPU, SVOD subscriber penetration, SVOD subscription penetration, and SVOD market shares by company. All of these are available both for historical years (2018 – 2022) and for forecast years (2023 – 2030). Data is available across your choice of 38 countries and regions.

Key benefits:

  • Obtain a complete view of the position and direction of the subscription video on demand market in your key territories
  • See how the overall popularity of SVOD has grown across the past five years and examine its future growth pathway in the years up until 2030
  • Determine the relative positioning of different SVOD platforms and how this may change in the years to come
  • Inform your content distribution strategy across SVOD platforms

Examples of questions answered:

“How many Americans use Netflix?”

“Is Amazon Prime Video more popular than Netflix?”

“What is the annual growth rate for the video subscription industry” 

“Is Netflix still growing?”

“Who will win the streaming wars?”

“What market share does Netflix have in 2023?”

“How is ARPU changing for subscription video on demand (SVOD)?”

“How much do Americans spend on video subscriptions?”

(note: services, companies and products vary by country)




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