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Voice Control Market Strategy for the Next Major Hardware Paradigm

Report by Zach Fuller
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20,000 Foot View: Acting as a Trojan horse in consumer electronics, voice control slipped under the radar compared to more bombastic new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, to quietly become a potential paradigm shift in the computer interface. Not just a utilitarian centerpiece for Internet Of Things (IOT) technologies, the space represents the next hardware opportunity for locking consumers into content and information ecosystems, with Amazon’s early success with the Echo invigorating an increasingly competitive market.

Key Findings:

  • Amazon Prime            has reached a            total penetration            across the US, UK, Germany            Japan
  • Older consumers            a key target for voice                       of            smartphone users group are            Android compared to            on iOS
  • Voice can            a driver for content and            revenues for the tech majors
  • Currently Amazon’s            revenue was            from web services,                       from e-commerce compared to Google’s            advertising 
  • Echo devices            thus far generated            million based            an estimated            million device sales
  • Amazon’s services            (Amazon cloud, music streaming, film            grew            annually between 2015 to            against the company’s overall growth                      
  • Amazon is            voice, services and home hardware            a bid to position itself            be the Apple of the           
  • Facebook will            a play for the living            with a home entertainment device            a strong focus on gaming,            communication and voice
  • Google appears            focused on using voice control            a strategic manoeuvre for its            capabilities

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, Snapchat, Unilever

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