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User Generated Broadcast Live Streaming Video And The Mainstream Consumer

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

The early adopter buzz around the launches of the live video streaming apps Meerkat and Twitter-acquired Persicope have so far failed to translate into meaningful real world adoption. But these User Generated Broadcast (UGB) apps have undoubted potential. Currently, live streaming video has two core user groups: early technology adopters and gaming fans (the latter especially through sites such as Twitch). Facebook’s decision to incorporate live video streaming into its verified user app Facebook Mentions could be the impetus the technology needs to bring it to a wider audience. 

Key Findings

  • Currently the online video landscape is biased towards and optimized for recorded video
  • Social Network integration is crucial to ensure audience engagement for user generated broadcasts
  • Pre-recorded online video audiences currently dwarf those of live stream video audiences
  • Niche content such as gaming is the most successful form of user generated broadcasts
  • Video streaming mobile apps are still at the innovator level of engagement
  • Personality-led User Generated Content is the most popular form of YouTube video
  • Live video broadcasts are not scalable for mainstream internet users
  • Multi-Channel Networks may be best placed to utilize live broadcast video because of their ability to programme live stream schedules for multiple time zones across their talent pools
  • Celebrity brand promotion is the most likely use case for the technology reaching the mainstream

Companies mentioned in this report: Facebook, Gleam Futures, Meerkat, Periscope, Skype, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube 

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