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US Video Consumer Deep Dive Q1 2020

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: This report presents key trends and analysis from MIDiA’s quarterly Video Brand Tracker survey, including devices for viewing, video streaming activities, SVOD, demographics, video streaming app users, and top streamed TV shows.

Key Insights

  • Netflix XXX and Amazon Prime Video XXX continue to dominate streaming app weekly ac-tive users (WAUs) 
  • Disney+ engagement in XXX 2020 nearly doubled compared to XXX 2019, however its ratio of DAUS to WAUS declined by XXX TV+ has seen a XXX decline in its ratio of DAUs to WAUs 
  • Despite increasing its ratio of DAUs to WAUs HBO Now retains the lowest weekly-to-daily use ratio at XXX ratio of DAUs to WAUs XXX has increased by XXX quarter on quarter (qoq)
  • In XXX Netflix’s paid subscriber average age declined by four years to XXX All Access joins Amazon with the highest paid subscriber average age of XXX viewing has declined on games consoles XXX but increased on tablet XXX and on mobile XXX binge viewing and live TV viewing have increased by XXX in XXX (QoQ)
  • Lockdown has skewed binge viewing towards younger demographics
  • Multiple SVOD subscriptions penetration has increased by XXX reflecting overall increased video engagement   

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Apple TV+, AT&T, CBS All Access, Comcast, Disney, Disney +, Friends, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix

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