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US Video Consumer Behaviour Q4 2019 End of the Beginning for the Streaming Transition

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: This report presents key trends and analysis from MIDiA’s quarterly Video Brand Tracker survey, including devices for viewing, video streaming activities, subscription video on demand (SVOD), demographics, video streaming app users, and top-streamed TV shows.

Key Insights

  • Netflix XXX and Amazon Prime Video XXX dominate weekly active use (WAU) among streaming apps 
  • In its first quarter Disney+ has hit the ground running, moving into fourth place with XXX WAU penetration 
  • Amazon Prime Video has the lowest weekly-to-daily use ratio XXX while Netflix XXX and Hulu XXX have the highest 
  • CBS All Access WAUs have the oldest average age at XXX sets remain the default device for TV and movie consumption at XXX monthly average use (MAU) penetration 
  • Mobile XXX and PC XXX TV and movie consumption remain significant niche use cases 
  • Binge viewing at XXX is now more popular than live TV viewing at XXX in the US
  • Binge viewing skews towards older XXX of binge viewing sessions involve five-plus episodes in one session
  • Multiple SVOD subscriptions are borderline mainstream for XXX year olds, with XXX penetration among the age XXX demographic
  • Streaming TV show viewing differs from overall viewing – The Big Bang Theory was most viewed overall XXX but Stranger Things was the most streamed XXX and brands mentioned in this report: XXX Reasons Why, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Blue Bloods, CBS All Access, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D, Criminal Minds, Disney+, Friends, HBO Now, Hulu, Modern Family, Netflix, NCIS, Orange is The New Black, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale, Stranger Things, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, The Voice, The Walking Dead, Young Sheldon

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