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SVOD Stacking Direct to Consumer Services Set to Move the Needle

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: In the attention economy, everyone is your competitor – a point well made by Netflix’s Reed Hastings’ observation that the company is now vying for viewer time with the popular game Fortnite. Now that we are entering the post-peak phase of the attention economy, the focus for video is shifting to the overlap between subscription video on demand (SVOD) users and the additional services they use. In the early days of streaming, audiences usually had just one video subscription (typically Netflix). Now, however, the long-term effect of exclusive original content strategy is consumers having multiple SVOD subscriptions, or SVOD stacking. With a ream of new direct to consumer XXX services coming to market, SVOD stacking will grow and in turn accelerate the decline in traditional pay-TV spend.

Key Findings

  • The rise of XXX streaming services like Disney+ will accelerate the number of households with multiple video subscriptions
  • SVOD stackers represent XXX of all SVOD users, rising to XXX of binge viewers
  • SVOD stackers represent XXX of pay-tv subscribers, XXX of cord cutters and XXX of cord shavers
  • SVOD stackers have a clear Millennial skew: XXX of multiple SVOD subscribers are XXX years XXX of 20-24-year olds have multiple SVOD subscriptions, making them the most digitally promiscuous age group
  • At XXX XXX year olds are the least likely to be SVOD XXX of Netflix subscribers are Spotify subscribers and XXX are Amazon Prime Music XXX of Amazon Prime Video subscribers are also Netflix subscribers
  • Japan at XXX has the highest share of Netflix subscribers with multiple SVOD XXX of Amazon Prime Video users are also Amazon Prime Music users; however, XXX use Spotify
  • The days of SVOD monogamy are fading, but overall pay-TV average revenue per user (ARPU) could rise
  • Amazon sets a model of best practice for how to compete both with and around Netflix

Companies and Products Mentioned:  Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Deezer, Disney+, ESPN+, Netflix, Spotify, Warner Media, Comcast, NBCUniversal

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