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Streaming TV meets local How local content commissioning regulation will reshape streaming output

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 foot view: US headquartered global video players have grown their business models outside of national regulatory frameworks. The streaming video on demand (SVOD) model is now being disrupted as national governments respond to domestic concerns over the erosion of local TV and film industries and the supplanting of local cultural output.The response is a wave of localisation laws mandating local content investment by streaming services. This will increase the complexity and cost of operations and provide opportunities for production companies.

Key insights

  • In            major streaming investment in Australian            amounted to            of country revenues                       percentage points below a proposed            content investment requirement
  • Currently                       of Australians enjoy local content,            line with other countries
  • The            and India, at            and            respectively,            noticeably over-index for local content            – suggesting that local content            reflects local cultural consumer biases           
  • Canada            under-indexes for local content enjoyment,            additional impetus to the            amendment            the Canadian Broadcasting law with            obligation to “clearly promote and            Canadian programming”
  • Mandating            content expenditure is liable to            to the inclusion of non-local            output as local in order            meet investment quotas
  • Local            has the most appeal for            switchers, suggesting an opportunity to            retention through targeted local programming           
  • This,            with local content minimum investment            will drive a surge in            commissions with global long-tail appeal           
  • Locally            international streaming content will become            key part of international strategy,            both acquisition and retention
  • The focus            investing in domestic production will            the wider streaming industry by            an internationally diversified streaming ecosystem            to plan ahead based on            revenue streams.

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon Prime, Canadian Government, Disney+, Elvis, House of Cards, Lilyhammer, Netflix, Netherlands Government, Marseille, Paramount+, Stan, Warner Bros. Discovery, Warner Bros. Studios