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Pre-empting video piracy in the streaming TV era

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 foot view:  Video piracy had been downgraded as a significant disruptive risk in the era of subscription video on demand (SVOD) and free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST). While peer-to-peer            file-sharing piracy is a declining niche activity at            penetration, streaming piracy is has slightly increased to            as the cost-of living crisis and recessionary fears increase the use case for piracy among digital entertainment consumers. IP holders ultimately need to integrate post-ad and post-subscriber monetisation models into either their own, or their partner distribution platforms. In this way they can outcompete the pirated distributors by offering de-commodified, fan-centric experiences.

Key insights 

  • Piracy is            for now with a consistent            tier of consumers engaging in            behaviour
  • Streaming piracy            increased from            in            2022 to                       2022, however, it remains within            long-term average range of            over                      2022
  • Neither income            age is closely correlated to            piracy, implying that current complacency            piracy is at risk of            the cost-of-living crisis and recessionary            that could fuel piracy growth            video remains commodified
  • Video streaming            over-index for SVOD consumption, suggesting            this segment is heavily engaged            video and could be open            novel forms of monetisation
  • Video services            optimally offset piracy risks when            create value exchanges that are            to their offerings; areas of            include digital tokens, IRL exclusives,            shoppable TV exclusives, and in-app           

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: IBCAP, NAGRA, Netflix, Screen iL,           

Methodological note: Due to the sensitivity of fielding questions to elicit self-reported consumer behavioural insights on piracy, streaming piracy is defined as accessing streaming TV shows without ads or login details being used.

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