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Livestreaming strategy in a social-video world Work with UGC, not against it

Report by Tatiana Cirisano
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20,000 foot view:  Livestreamed concerts are establishing themselves as complementary experiences, rather than replacements for in-person gigs. A picture of the average livestreamer — older millennials who are entertainment super-consumers — is coming into focus. Now, as the rise of social video coincides with the return of in-person concerts and festivals, user-generated content (UGC) at shows is joining the digital concert mix. Artists, marketing teams, and promoters can work with this development, not against it, by segmenting audiences into three experiences: UGC, the official livestream, and the in-person show, each experience funnelling some of its audience into the next.

Key insights 

  • Livestreaming monthly            penetration almost doubled from            in            to            in            2022, reflecting that            is highest when livestreams are            as a separate experience rather            a replacement
  • Concert livestreamers            to be higher-income, older millennials:                       livestream concerts monthly, as do                      
  • Concert livestreamers            for using YouTube and SVOD            and for paying attention to            types of advertisements
  • Concert livestreamers            for being games and sports            supporting initiatives like sports halftime-show            and in-game concerts
  • Despite being            natives, only            of            and            of            livestream concerts monthly, a gap            may be attributed to life            as well as substituting social           
  • At Coachella            the top            algorithm-recommended TikTok videos            artist performances earned up to            more views than the official            livestreams 
  • Artists and            teams can work with UGC            influencer and superfan partnerships to            on-the-ground content, affiliate ticketing links,            other integrations
  • Every music            has three potential addressable audiences,            via UGC, an official livestream,            the in-person event

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