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Snap Inc Q2 2017 Diminishing User Growth Dwarfs Revenue Increase

Report by Tunde Sowande
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The 20,000 Foot View: Snap Inc’s release of its second quarter earnings has been met with negative reception from the financial sector, as the company’s XXX 2017 financial results, which was below analyst revenue projections, led to a corresponding slump in its stock price. The increased financial scrutiny to which the company has been subjected to since its IPO in March 2017, has raised questions about the strategic wisdom of Snap Inc going public, rather than retaining the relative operational privacy of being a private company. However, in spite of wide concerns with Snap Inc’s quarterly performance, its revenue and daily active user base have continued to grow at a steady pace, with costs having declined significantly between XXX and XXX 2017.

Key Findings

  • Quarterly revenue increased by XXX from XXX million in XXX to XXX million in XXX
  • Additional Daily Active Users additions has decreased from XXX million in XXX in XXX to XXX million in XXX continues to  spend  the majority of its R&D budget on its team rather than directly on R&D (Only XXX of the budget in XXX  was on staff expenses)
  • Slowing user growth is necessitating a doubling down on  monetising its existing user base in North America
  • R&D expenditure increased by XXX million which represented XXX of the XXX R&D budget 

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