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Scenes A new lens for music marketing

Report by Mark Mulligan and Tatiana Cirisano
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20,000 foot view:  Entertainment consumption and fandom are fragmenting in the internet era as a result of the steady erosion of linear audiences, the rise of asynchronous consumption, and the increased sophistication of personalisation algorithms. Consequently, identity and culture are fragmenting as well. This has led to the emergence of new, internet-centric scenes: shared identities made up of cross-entertainment elements, including, but not limited to, music. Music marketers and A&Rs can use scenes as the new lenses from which to strategize campaigns and develop talent.

Key insights 

  • The average consumer spends roughly half of their waking hours on entertainment, with the largest share going to video
  • The steady erosion of linear audiences, coupled with the rise of asynchronous consumption and algorithm-driven personalisation, are reducing mainstream ‘cultural moments’ while elevating niche ‘cultural movements’
  • Music artist fandom is fragmenting, as just        of US consumers have a favourite music artist and one-third orient their fandom around songs over artists
  • As listenership fragments, superstars account for a smaller share of listening, with more ‘micro’ stars for individuals and their niches
  • Because niche communities are typically more engaged, fragmentation can be used as an asset
  • Scenes are made up of five key, cross-entertainment elements — symbols, icons, rituals, values, and practices — which combine to form a shared identity
  • Music marketers and A&Rs can begin treating scenes as the new ‘territories’ in which to deploy campaigns and develop talent

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: A Star Is Born, Bo Burnham, BTS Army, Building Stans, Chartmetric, Clubhouse, Discord, Drake, Dua Lipa, Electric Daisy Carnival, Facebook, FANMADE, Fan To Band, Fave, Geert Hofstede, Instagram, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Meta, Miley Cyrus, Niche, One Direction, Shazam, Spotify, Stranger Things, Supreme, The Sopranos, TikTok, Tinder, Tony Bennett, Travis Scott, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube

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