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Paid Content Consumer Deep Dive The Emergence Of A Sophisticated Audience

Report by Zach Fuller
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20,000 Foot View: In the old world, there were clear demarcations between media types, bordered with proprietary media and playback devices. However, different entertainment forms now exist in more interdependent ecosystems than they did in the analogue era, with all-in-one app stores blurring the boundaries and turning media consumption into an amorphous whole where content types compete directly with each another for both time and money. Understanding how users interact with different products and services has never been more important. To this end, metrics covering penetration, distribution, average spending and the segmentation of cohorts and demographics become crucial in forming an understanding of the behavioural trends in the modern paid content consumer.

Key Findings:

  • Legacy paid media formats and behaviours continue to hold significant sway
  • Traditional pay-TV is the most widely adopted form of paid content
  • Music has the highest share of high spenders of all content types
  • Streaming services are leaving money on the table by negating opportunity among high-spenders and aficionados
  • Music        and Online Video        both have higher average spends than Mobile       
  •        of consumers spend nothing on digital content
  • Freemium continues to drive monetisation in the content economy
  • At        penetration paid video streaming is on a faster trajectory to a mainstream entertainment activity than paid music streaming       
  • Discovery has overtaken search in content consumption
  • International markets demonstrate disparate Paid Content attributes (Brazil with higher engagement, Australia with increased high spenders)
  • Adblocking will threaten ad-supported revenues

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