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Overcoming VR Adoption Hurdles

Report by Zach Fuller
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20,000 Foot View: When it comes to disruptive technology, emerging formats such as Virtual Reality have been here before. The part about innovation that can so often omitted by uplifting TED lectures is that whilst these technologies present incredible opportunities, amongst the hype and excitement are often serious debates on how differently various contributors within the technology ultimately view the world and the value that they contribute. Virtual Reality is no exception, and the frictions that exist when an industry based on a new technology is just beginning finding its way are now coming to the fore.  Key Findings:

  • A funding            of            emerged between VR Content            Hardware before 2016
  • This gap            stultified the collaborative synergy that            underpins technology adoption
  • VR presently            the co-operative landscape which allows            to flourish
  • The walled            approach to selling hardware is            in the context of Virtual           
  • Content offerings            what drive sales of hardware            after iTunes,            worth of Radio            after the introduction of sports           
  • The home            ecosystem is so heavily saturated            is difficult for VR to            a foothold
Companies and services mentioned in this report:  Amazon, Apple, HTC, Oculus, RCA, Sony, Viacom

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