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Netflix Q3 2017 Netflix Gains 100 Million-plus Paid Subscribers

Report by Tunde Sowande
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The 20,000 Foot View: Netflix has achieved a commercial milestone in becoming the first Subscriber Video On Demand (SVOD) service company to have over XXX million paying streaming subscribers. Netflix has managed to attract XXX million consumers to its SVOD platform. This continued success has exceeded external expectations that Netflix’s growth rate might be impacted by its decision to increase standard membership prices in both UK and US markets.

Key Findings

  • Company revenue increased by XXX from XXX million in XXX to XXX million in XXX streaming paid subscription increased from XXX million in XXX to XXX million in XXX income margins  increased by XXX as the proportion of net income of revenue grew from XXX million in XXX to XXX million in XXX domestic streaming growth rate decreased from XXX in XXX 2016 to XXX 2017 to a XXX increase in XXX to XXX 2017
  • Paid international streaming growth rate slowed from a XXX increase between XXX 2016 and XXX 2017, to XXX from XXX to XXX 2017
  • Domestic DVD continues to decline as a source of revenue after generating XXX million in XXX 2017, compared to XXX million in XXX 2017 

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