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Music Market Country Profile: Mexico How Streaming Is Unlocking Latent Opportunity

Report by Leo Morel
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The 20,000 Foot View The Mexican music market is one with huge potential despite two consecutive years of recorded music revenue decline.  With a population of        million and growing internet and smartphone penetration, Mexico has the foundations for becoming a key digital music market.  Indeed, the Mexican Phonogram and Videogram Producers’ Association Amprofon reports on strong performances from music services in Mexico.  This, coupled with a        subscription revenue growth in 2014, points to a positive outlook for the Mexican digital market.

Key Findings

  • Mexican recorded music revenues fell by        in 2014 to a total of        million        billion Pesos)
  • Streaming revenues overtook download income in Mexico in 2014
  • Most Mexican music subscribers are Digital Natives 
  •        Mexicans are online and        have smartphones, indicating significant potential for digital music services
  • Radio is still crucially important -        of Mexicans listen to the radio
  • Physical formats also still matter with        of Mexican consumers buying CDs
  • But free streaming has already become pervasive, with YouTube penetration at        and free audio streaming at       

Companies mentioned in this report:  Amprofon, YouTube, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Google Play, Xbox Music, Claro Musica, Guvera

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