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Music Piracy in Brazil Assessing the Impact on Music Consumption

Report by Mark Mulligan
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XXX 20,000 Foot XXX the last decade Brazil underwent great economic advances, removing a considerable part of its population from poverty, placing them into the consumer market. Now, these Brazilian citizens aspire to smartphones and tablets in order to access digital content and services. However, many Brazilians, particularly younger ones, have grown accustomed to accessing music illegally, thus creating the key challenge of persuading them to switch to legitimate alternatives. Nonetheless the market opportunities that Brazil presents to the global music industry remain XXX XXX of XXX to XXX year olds believe music is worth paying XXX music piracy slightly out performs mobile music piracy in Brazil, even among Digital XXX to XXX year olds are both the most active file sharers and the most willing to pay for digital music
  • Poor internet connectivity and low income levels are key factors behind Brazil’s elevated music piracy rates
  • File sharing penetration decreases with age, falling from half of XXX to XXX year olds to a quarter of over XXX however these rates are still markedly above the US and UK
  • Willingness to pay for music however rises among those over aged XXX mentioned in this report: Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Apple

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