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India and China Media Trends 2018

Report by Zach Fuller
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The 20,000 Foot View:  China and India are undergoing significant change in their media industries. Both countries are viewed as two of the world’s potentially most lucrative economies for digital content, based upon their spectacular GDP per capita growth rate and their billion-plus respective populations. However, both countries are undertaking  distinct  growth trajectories reflecting the national imperatives of the two states: China has effectively locked out  international competition for its media industry, while India has readily adopted international services into its highly-competitive media landscape. Uniting the two markets is the shared experience of having mobile first consumers engaging with media and entertainment options for the first time in their nation’s history. 

Key Findings

  • While streaming            accounted for            of all recorded            industry revenue in 2017, in            it was            and China,           
  • China and            combined music revenue increased by            2014 and 2017, nearly triple            rate of the entire global            industry in the same period
  • No paid            subscription service has more than            in China or            in India,            to Netflix’s            penetration in the            and            in the UK
  • Despite being                       of China’s internet users claim            access Netflix
  •            of Indian internet users use Netflix despite the fact it only launched in the country in early 2016            and            of Chinese and Indian consumers pay for more than three digital subscriptions

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Baidu, BesTV, China Radio & TV, China Telecom, Deezer, Eros Now, Hotstar, Hungame, IQiYi, Kugou, Kuwo, Netease, Netflix, QQ Music, Saavn, Sohu Video, Spotify, Star, Tencent Music, Xami, Youku Tudou

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