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How you play matters Profiling solo, team, and couch players

Report by Karol Severin
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This report presents MIDiA’s consumer survey data, zooming in on players of specific gamer types. Data includes age, gender, income, time spent across entertainment, money spent on and inside games, as well as games genre preferences.

QUESTION ASKED: Which of the following types of gameplay do you like the most? (select up to three)

ANSWER OPTIONS INCLUDED: S olo vs computer, solo vs other solo players, small team (max            vs other small teams online, large teams (more than            vs other large teams online, in a team vs computer (co-op / PvE), with someone physically present in the room, and against someone in the room. 

Data is all countries, weighted average, unless otherwise stated. All data is from our            2023 survey, fielded in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Sweden, France, Germany, Brazil,                       online population, nationally representative to age and gender.

An Excel dataset with segment and country-level segment data is published alongside this report. If you find this report interesting and would like a conversation with the analyst team, email:

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