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Digital advertising reception of gamers, Q4 2022

Report by Karol Severin
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20,000 foot view:

This report presents a            2022 snapshot of gamers’ reception to various types of digital advertisements. It covers:

  • Display /            advertisements
  • Video advertisements
  • Video advertisements            mobile games
  • Audio advertisements
  • Advertisements that            relevant to the consumer
  • Advertisements in            that consumers already pay for

Gamer segments included are:

  • By gamer            (Mobile, PC, Console)
  • By games            fans (FPS, RPG, Action /            Platformer, Open world, Sandbox, Puzzle,            Strategy, MOBA, Survival, and sports           
  • By games            subscriber (Apple Arcade, EA Play            Pro, NintendoSwitch Online, Xbox Game            Xbox Live, PlayStation Now, PlayStation           

The data in this report is from MIDiA Research’s            2022 consumer survey. The presented slides show a weighted average of US, UK, Canada, Australia, France,Germany, Sweden, Brazil, and South Korea            For data by market, please refer to the excel dataset of this report.

Key insights:

Advertising is a crucial part of games sales, games engagement, games monetisation, brand building, and user experiences. With this in mind, this report deck shines light on consumers’ thoughts about what they would typically do when confronted with various types of advertising. The key takeaways are:

  • Relevant advertising            key across all gamer segments:            that is relevant to the            shows significantly higher attention rates            follow up (clickthrough) rates
  • There is            difference in how gamers react            video vs. audio vs.display /            ads. The only outlier is            skip rates of video ads            mobile gamers
  • Video advertising            in mobile games has a            skip rate and a slightly            follow up rate than video            as a whole
  • Gamers are            likely to pay attention to            in services they already pay            These services often have a            ad load than fully ad-supported            or sites. This suggests that            ad load could help improve            paid to ads
  • In terms            games genres, sandbox and platformer            fans will provide the highest            to advertising as they have            skip rates and highest follow            rates. MOBA also scores high            the latter
  • Games service            show significantly higher follow up            on ads than the gamer           
  • Apple arcade            are most likely to pay            to video ads in general.            when those video ads are            mobile games, it falls behind            and PlayStation’s services
  • PlayStation service            tend to have a lower            skipping rate than Xbox service