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D2C Big Bang Impact, H1 2020 English-speaking Markets

Report by Tim Mulligan
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XXX 20,000 Foot View: With HBO Max and Peacock just coming into market, the key challengers for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s current SVOD dominance are Disney+ and Apple TV+, which both launched midway through XXX 2019. Disney+ rapidly moved into a strong third position in all four markets (US, UK, Canada, Australia), while Apple TV+’s lack of content depth is flatlining its growth in the same markets. Netflix, which has seen its engagement continue to grow substantially over the first three months of 2020, has been the biggest winner from COVID entertainment bounce has been. Netflix also leads in show interest among the XXX big players. This report focuses on English-speaking markets.

XXX insights

  • Netflix weekly active user (WAU)s are mainstream at XXX penetration across major English-speaking markets 
  • Netflix is now a de facto substitutive service for the majority of its users with only XXX now watching live TV
  • Amazon Prime Video WAUs are the most TV device centric of the current leading XXX services with XXX of WAUs watching video on TV
  • Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ WAUs have the highest binge-watching penetration at XXX subscribers are the most prolific of XXX binge viewers, with XXX of WAUs watching an average of five-plus episodes in their last viewing session
  • Mobile device TV viewing is mainstream among Apple TV+ WAUs, giving the tech major a competitive edge as its XXX rivals focus on the battle for the TV set

XXX and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Apple TV+, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Disney+, HBO, HBO Max, Peacock, WarnerMedia

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