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Building Show Fandom in the Streaming Era

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:  The direct-to-consumer            video big bang moment is getting into stride, with Peacock and HBO Max following Apple TV+ and Disney+ into the already-congested video streaming marketplace. TV show marketing teams now face unprecedented competition for audience attention and mindshare. With the attention economy now moving into a post-peak phase, any streaming app is a mere finger-swipe away from being switched or even deleted. Meanwhile, discretionary subscription spending faces pressure from a possible future recession, forcing TV networks to double down on building fandom and engagement. In the era of fluid TV audiences, where engagement has to be earned and continually invested in to maintain, TV show brands are the ultimate weapons in the fight for audience share. Never has TV show brand marketing been so important.

Key Insights

  • Niche positioning            cultural movements around shows by            fandom
  • The four            of video fandom are identity,            scarcity and wallet share
  • Identity: The            of the linear schedule means            the identity facets of a            have now become central for            in the streaming ecosystem
  • Attention: The            challenge facing all forms of            distribution in 2020 is the            from peak attention to a            attention environment
  • Scarcity: In            on-demand era, less is increasingly            as more
  • Wallet share:            strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats            analysis for shows need to            on wallet share
  • Awareness and            do not always directly correlate
  • TV show            on investment (ROI) needs to            streaming from awareness and overall           
  • Translating buzz            streaming engagement is a key            objective
  • Niche is            new mainstream due to the            of audience viewing
  • Streaming hits            designed to be post-linear with            freed from the linear straitjacket

Companies and brands mentioned in this report:   Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Apple, Apple TV+, AT&T, CBS, CBS All Access, Comcast, Disney, Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Now, Netflix, Spotify, Warner Media