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Australia Video Market Country Profile A Sophisticated Market With Strong Growth To Come

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 Foot View:

Ranked as the XXX richest country globally by GDP per capita and with the world’s second highest smartphone penetration rate, Australia is a developed market poised at the forefront of the mobile transition. XXX combined with its English speaking consumer base, means it is frequently at the vanguard of early video service roll outs by tech companies, such as YouTube Red’s May 2016 launch and Netflix’s launch in March 2015.

XXX Findings:

  • Australia has the second highest global smartphone penetration rate but low mobile video engagement XXX XXX year olds are twice as likely to watch video on mobile phones as XXX year olds
  • Australia has the fourth highest online video user penetration XXX of Australians use Netflix XXX of Australian SVOD subscribers are XXX year olds are four and a half times as likely to cut the cord as XXX year olds
  • Australian messaging app users are twice as likely to watch YouTube and a third more likely to watch Facebook videos
  • Australia's online video market will be worth XXX million by 2020

Companies mentionedXXX Prime Video, Facebook, XXX Media, XXX style="line-height: XXX  The Nine Network, Nine Entertainment Corporation, Optus TV,XXX Entertainment, Quickflix, XXX style="line-height: XXX

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