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Addressable creator markets An opportunity with many layers

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: The music creator tools space is undergoing a change that is simultaneously renaissance and transformation. The creator culture boom has driven an unprecedented degree of investment and investor interest. However, because the music creator tools space is a collection of diverse products and services, an underlying challenge has been how to identify exactly what the total addressable market (TAM) is. In this report, MIDiA presents the multiple TAMs, serviceable addressable markets (SAMs) and serviceable obtainable markets (SOMs) for music creator tools.

Key Insights

  • A fifth of adult consumers play an instrument or sing, with rates ranging from a low of        in Brazil to a high of        in South Korea
  • The music creator gender imbalance is set to worsen with        of those who recently bought an instrument being male, as are        of those that have started to learn
  • The addressable market for music creator tools is defined by three TAMs and four SAMs and SOMs
  • The core TAM is the number of people that play instruments, which stands at        million adults globally. The larger ‘meta TAM’ is        million and also includes        million that intend to learn
  •        million people record or produce their own music through a combination of analogue and digital tools, while        million make music with software
  • Electronic music hardware has the highest SOM ARPU of        while learning has the lowest of        The music software SOM ARPU is        sounds is        and artist services       
  • Just        (five million) of the TAM for music creators are currently releasing music

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amuse, Apple, CD Baby, Distrokid, GarageBand, Instagram, Logic Pro, Native Instruments, Soundcloud, Splice, TikTok, Tracklib, TuneCore, YouTube 

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