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US SVOD Subscriber Deep Dive 2019

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: In the build-up to the Disney+ launch in November 2019, the US market is dominated by the big five of Netflix (currently number one for paid subscriptions with XXX million), Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now and CBS All Access. Hulu showed the most dramatic growth, with a XXX increase in subscribers between XXX 2018 and XXX 2019. Growth was more modest but still in double digits for the remaining three over the same time period. Engagement however remained largely flat, such as Netflix’s weekly active users (WAUs) growing by only XXX over the same period, suggesting that peak attention is now directly impacting streaming video on demand (SVOD) in the US.

Key Findings

  • Netflix remains the dominant US SVOD service with XXX million paid subscribers
  • Hulu was the fastest growing in absolute terms, adding XXX million subscribers between XXX 2018 and XXX 2019
  • However HBO Now  had the fastest growth rate with subscriptions going up by XXX between XXX 2018 and XXX 2019, adding XXX million in XXX 2019 XXX of US video subscribers have more than one SVOD subscription – engagement is now more important a measure than subscriber count
  • HBO Now added the most weekly active users (WAUs) during XXX 2019, more than doubling to XXX from XXX 2018
  • Hulu and Amazon increased WAU rates the most in the longer term, both adding six percentage points between XXX 2018 and XXX 2019
  • The fact that Netflix lost three WAU percentage points between XXX 2018 and XXX 2018 before rebounding in XXX 2019 suggests that Hulu’s gain was Netflix’s loss
  • Comedy is the most widely watched genre among the user bases of three of the five largest SVOD services in the XXX of Netflix paid subscribers are aged XXX and XXX of Netflix subscribers also subscribe to Amazon Prime XXX of Amazon Prime Video paid subscribers are aged XXX and XXX of total subscribers also subscribe to XXX of Hulu paid subscribers are aged XXX and XXX of Hulu subscribers also subscribe to Netflix
  • Hulu is doing the best job of delivering for younger audiences, with XXX of its subscribers aged under XXX compared to XXX for Netflix and XXX for Amazon
  • Netflix is the most vulnerable to subscription substitution for a competitively-priced genuine full-stack direct to consumer XXX provider

Companies and brands mentioned in this report:  Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix

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