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Music forecast 2023-2030 Available across 33 countries and regions

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This forecast presents a complete overview of the recorded music industry. It includes revenues (in both retail and trade values), broken down by segment: subscriptions, ad-supported audio, ad-supported video, downloads and other digital, physical, sync, and performance. It also includes audience data: music subscribers and music subscriber penetration, ad-supported audio, and ad-supported music video user numbers. All of these are available both for historical years (2016 – 2022) and for forecast years (2023 – 2030). Also included is a historical breakdown of music subscribers by streaming service for historical years (2016 – 2021), and associated subscriber market shares. These subscriber numbers are available for: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google (including YouTube Music), Napster, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Tidal (services vary by region). Data is available across your choice of 33 countries and regions.

Key benefits:

  • Understand the position and direction of the music industry in your key territories
  • See how the overall popularity of music subscriptions has grown across the past five years and examine their future growth pathway up until 2030
  • Determine the relative positioning of the revenue components of the recorded music industry and how this will change in the years to come
  • Inform your music distribution strategy across different formats and streaming platforms

Examples of questions answered:

“How much revenue did the music industry generate in 2022?”

“What macroeconomic headwinds and tailwinds can we expect in our business in the coming years?”

“How important is sync to the music industry?”

“Is music streaming revenue still growing?” 

“How many music subscribers are there?”

“What is the music industry’s growth rate?”

“What percentage of the population have a music subscription?”

“How much has ad-supported music grown since 2020?”

(note: services, companies and products vary by country)




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