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YouTube Channels How YouTube Stars Build Engaged Audiences

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

With            billion monthly users, YouTube is the third most popular online destination globally making it the world’s de facto pure play video destination.  A whole generation has grown up with YouTube as their preferred video content destination, most often bypassing traditional TV brands. This trend has resulted in YouTube channels being dominated by non-traditional media content producers with only            of the top            channels from traditional TV brands. Traditional TV companies now have to identify which best practices from YouTube Vloggers they can leverage to grow their audience share on YouTube. At stake is tomorrow’s TV audience.

Key Findings

  • YouTube channel            are dominated by native YouTube             from the Digital Native generation
  • YouTube native            producers out perform non-native content            by multiples ranging from            to           
  • Multi-platform Social            Presence is integral to the            of a YouTube channel
  • Twitter and            are the preferred social media            for growing YouTube channels
  • The most            YouTube channels are headed up            branded personalities
  • Gaming and            are the most viewed YouTube            categories
  • Only            of            top            most subscribed YouTube channels            part of traditional media brands
  • YouTube creators            up on Web            interactivity understand            need to actively engage with            audiences rather than merely broadcast

Companies mentioned in this report: YouTube, NBC Universal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, EMI Music, Jenna Mourey,  NBC’s The Tonight Show, Zoella The Saccone Jolys, Sky Does MineCraft, MTV UK, CBS

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