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TV internationalisation 2.0 Video is disrupting commissioning and turbo-charging international hits

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 foot view:  Streaming has empowered niche appeal shows to find global audiences on a scale comparable with analogue-era prime time domestic audiences. Niche is the new mainstream. For the first time a global hit is no longer synonymous with US-centric output. Niche has now found its global appeal and lean-out TV show content is building iconic in real life (IRL) brands beyond traditional linguistic and cultural constraints. With video streaming now mainstream – video is now creating hits driving international niche fan-led engagement.

Key Insights

  • The success            Squid Game , Money Heist            Dark demonstrate how non-English language            shows can reach global streaming           
  • Original storytelling            with territorially specific cultural additions            driving the new global TV            hits, with those local elements            part of the appeal
  • Show runners            leveraging international commissioning budgets to            local stories with global relevance
  • TV internationalisation            being driven by cultural reflexivity,            a positive feedback loop between            and non-US international TV content
  • Increasingly sophisticated,            digital TV audiences are accelerating            awareness through brand activation behaviours            as memes and costume wearing
  • Video commissioning            now be driven by TV                       strategic considerations

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