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The Platform-Agnostic Artist Building Audiences In A Decentralized Media Landscape

Report by Zach Fuller
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20,000 Foot View:  It used to be much simpler. Fixed programming formats in Television, Print and Radio meant you knew where an audience was and how long they would be there for, yet creators now find themselves in an echo chamber where the tyranny of choice means their potential audience never stays in the same place for long. They are now competing in the attention economy, but across many platforms simultaneously. This convoluted media arena means that the onus is for creators of music and visual forms to understand the nature of their audience more than ever before, and how their work can be discoverable in the context of these emerging consumption habits.The result is a decentralized landscape that requires a platform agnostic attitude and cross-channel fluency.

  • The present            of freemium, subscription and telco            has created a vastly different            consumption experience from the traditional           
  • In the            since Spotify launched, streaming has            the de facto mode of            for many music fans
  • Playlists have            Albums for            of music consumers¬†
  •            more of consumers are using curated playlists through Spotify and Apple Music than they did six months previously
  • Visual formats            no longer constrained by the            considerations of previous eras
  • The image-centric            increasingly video-based post-platform landscape reveals            in how pure music offerings            Apple Music) are different in            consumptions patterns compared to audio-visual            Snapchat)

Companies and brand mentioned in this report: Anghami, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Digster, Disney, Google, KKbox, MixRadio, MTV, Netflix, Pandora, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, Vevo, YouTube

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