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The Paywall Challenge Locking Away Digital’s Most Valuable Consumers

Report by Georgia Meyer
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The 20,000 Foot View: Music and video subscribers are the most influential amongst their peer groups and are some of the most valuable segments for advertisers and brands. The fact that they spend an increasing portion of their time behind ad-free paywalls, represents a growing challenge for marketers. These consumers are also driving growth in social ecommerce and voice-activated devices. Cumulatively, these consumers are catalysing the transition away from linear content consumption into a digital world characterised by targeting, personalisation, curation and advertising experiences.

Key Findings

  • Streaming subscribers are early adopters and Apple Music subscribers lead the way:        of them are the first to try out new technology and services
  • Music and video subscribers are catalysing the decline of linear TV and radio:        of Spotify subscribers mainly watch TV shows online or via an app
  • Streaming subscribers are influential cultural tastemakers:        of Netflix subscribers and        of Apple Music subscribers are sought for tips on music and TV shows
  •        of Spotify subscribers and        of Amazon Prime Music subscribers have three or more digital subscriptions 
  • Music and video subscribers also actively avoid TV and online video ads which they deem not relevant 
  • Subscribers are driving social ecommerce, fuelled by increases in hyper-localised direct response advertising and being accustomed to spending cash in mobile digital contexts
  • Brand-centric advertising is being explored with new technology like Alexa skills 
  • Music and video subscribers are driving this voice control product innovation,        of Apple Music use voice control on a home or mobile device every day 

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod, Apple Music, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Netflix, Snap Inc, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tencent, YouTube, WhatsApp, YouTube Music

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