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The FAST advantage Build sustainable consumer models

Report by Tim Mulligan and Ben Woods
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20,000 foot view: Inflation and retention pressures are combining to make free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) an appealing go-to-market strategy for video distributors.FAST is still underperforming significantly in engagement terms when compared to its video rivals, but there are promising signs. Ad receptiveness among FAST users now exceeds other forms of video offering – a competitive edge. Key to success will be investment in appropriate ad-deployment technology and repositioning FAST primarily as an audiovisual reach format for advertisers.

Key insights

  • In            consumers spent an average of            per week watching FAST channels           
  • In            consumers spent an average of            per week watching traditional live            on a TV set
  • Social            still outperforms FAST, with an                       hours spent per week on            activity
  • FAST            in            2023 is flat compared                       2023, at            but significantly above                       suggesting growth will come
  •            of            focus on the content when            with FAST
  •            of            focus on the content when            with subscription video on demand            services
  •            of            focus on content while engaging            traditional TV viewing, highlighting the            immersive versus background entertainment use            for SVOD versus FAST
  • FAST            an ad-distribution model that is            similar to radio than to            TV advertising
  • FAST will            come into direct competition with            with its push towards originals            mainstream audiences
  • Strategic players            SVOD and FAST should see            as separate and complementary to            not as a freemium alternative           
  • FAST can            a unique advertising partner for            that are keen to reach            entertainment consumers

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Comcast, Freevee, Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Xumo