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MIDiA Data Spotlight: Video Piracy P2P Holding on in Emerging Markets

Report by Tim Mulligan
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This is part of MIDiA’s data snapshot series in which we spotlight curated consumer datasets. 

Figure XXX Video Piracy is Relegated to Niche Audiences in Developed Markets but Still Has Traction in Emerging Markets
Percentage of Consumers that Use XXX Networks to Download Video, XXX 2018

XXX style="width: XXX developed markets XXX piracy has been reduced to a dwindling group of digital migrant diehards. XXX is an anachronistic means of sharing video content which has lost much of its tech relevance in the streaming era. In an on-demand era facilitated by reduced data costs, improved connectivity, and the rise of the smartphone, streaming is both more convenient and more practical than XXX facilitated piracy. XXX has also lost its psychological USP, with the perceived consumer need for ownership being supplanted by the ubiquitous availability of access.

With the key drivers for XXX piracy now being eroded, the activity is in single digits in developed markets, with Germany showing the lowest tolerance for the activity at XXX –reflecting tough national anti-piracy legislation, and with Australia being the highest at XXX In Australia XXX olds account for XXX of all users, followed by XXX year olds with XXX These two age demographics also represent the largest groups engaged in the activity in Germany – accounting for XXX of all German XXX pirates.

In developed markets however it is a different story, with numbers in XXX 2018 at double the developed market equivalents. The highest penetration is Brazil where XXX of consumers engage in XXX piracy. A big driver behind XXX piracy traction in emerging markets is the legacy infrastructure challenges these markets face. Expensive data costs make downloading still a tolerable consumer activity, and weak legal deterrence still make XXX piracy a viable consumer option for many.

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