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Ownership to Access, And Back Physical Ownership Acquires A New Value In The Digital Era

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

It seems counter intuitive to suggest the physical ownership of content has an addressable market in the digital era.  Despite the ubiquity of digital delivery mechanisms for premium content, the desire for physical possession has not gone away. A market opportunity exists to provide complementary physical products both as reassurance for older generations and as a unique consumer experience for Digital Natives.  For a generation raised on purely digital offerings the exceptionalism of a DVD or Vinyl is in itself a consumer experience worth paying a premium for.  

Key Findings

               of consumers interested in a stream-and-own-DVD-service
  • The majority                       year olds would like to            as well as stream a           
  • Less than            third of over            are interested            owning a DVD after streaming
  •            of Mexican consumers would like to own a physical copy of a movie which they have streamed
  • Digital and            ownership services have most opportunity            emerging and maturing digital markets
  • Physical content            strong social connotations beyond functionality           

Companies mentioned in this report: Netflix, Sky

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