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On Demand In Demand Meeting The Needs Of The On Demand Fan

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View 2014 was undoubtedly streaming’s biggest year yet, growing by            and accounting for nearly a third of all digital revenues.  But the market is a long distance yet from being in a position where it can be considered established.  While free streaming, YouTube in particular, is booming, subscriptions remain confined to niche audiences. Meanwhile the fall in music sales that accompanied streaming growth ensures that opinion remains fiercely divided.  The next few years will be ones of transition and require a reassessment both of how streaming can be used to drive revenue in the interim and what the long term impact will be on how fans interact with music and their favourite artists. Key Findings

  • Radio is            the dominant platform across the            UK and France with            penetration            YouTube is making up ground                       penetration
  • YouTube’s role            even stronger among younger consumers–                       year olds listen to music            compared to            who watch music            on YouTube 
  • Piracy is            usurped by free streaming –            consumers stream audio for free            to            who use            though mobile            is on the rise 
  • Streaming is            transformations in listening behaviour that            reshape the long term music            with individual pieces of music            listened to more widely but            frequently
  • Music subscribers            fickle listeners -            only listen            individual albums and tracks a            times while            are doing this            than before because they are            so much new music 
  • Choice abundance            leads to more casual fan            which means that fewer artists            have big fan bases in            on which to build live            careers
  • Streaming combines            of sales and radio but            competes directly with each
  • While radio            have the bigger total revenues,            sales deliver the biggest volume            revenue directly back to rights            and creators so this is            the impact of streaming will            felt most 
  • There will            no hiding place for mediocrity            sub-standard and mediocre music no            having the revenue safety cushion            dissatisfied purchases
  • Scale will            key to making streaming a            but the biggest stakeholders will            first
Companies mentioned in this report: Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple, Vevo, Shazam, SiriusXM