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Not all social entertainment behaviour is created equal Audience deep dive

Report by Hanna Kahlert
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Social is an integral part of entertainment consumption

This report presents key data and insights about the advanced overlaps between social behaviour (both on digital platforms and in real life) and entertainment consumption.

It looks at data from nine markets, featuring segments of social platform users and the audiences of different forms of entertainment, as well as fandom behaviours and monetisation opportunities.

The data was collected in            2022,            2022, and            2023 from the following markets:  US            UK            Australia            Canada            Germany            France            Sweden            Japan            Mexico            and India           

Key insights:

Social platform use and broader entertainment consumption are inherently linked. Audiences are typically present on many social platforms, with music streamers, video subscribers, and console gamers all over-indexing for social platform usage. However, which platforms they use affect how they engage online – not only with the platforms themselves, but with one another. The audiences for some types of entertainment are more social than others (e.g., music streamers), and some use social as an extension of real life while others use it for a separate, digital existence (e.g., console gamers). Moreover, the more social an audience is, the more likely they are to be willing to pay extra – meaning it is to entertainment platforms' advantage to encourage social behaviours.

The findings challenge the belief that social platforms' main pursuit should be to encourage discovery, as some platforms are clearly differentiated for more friend-first approaches. They also challenge entertainment’s focus on ‘binge consumers’ as valuable audiences – as, in fact, these are the least likely audiences to be engaged with and spend more on the entertainment they like.