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Next Generation Networks What A Post-Pay-TV Video Network Looks Like

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 Foot View:  In the cord-cutting era TV networks are having to think about what life beyond the traditional pay-TV ecosystem might look like. With SVOD services snapping up audiences in their millions, operators are busy focusing on higher ARPU users and demanding more rights from networks but with tightening budgets. The risks of operators being disintermediated by the GAAF (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook) are clear, but networks face just as much threat, albeit coming from different directions. To respond, networks will have to evolve their models to accommodate multiple routes to market, audience fragmentation and technological upheaval. Next generation TV operators will compete with messaging apps to control access to audiences while networks will have to become comfortable with both iterations of their            model and emerging            solutions.

Key Findings:

  • Streaming –pay-TV            simply the next evolution of           
  • SVOD is            the overall base of pay-TV            growing from            million in            2016                       million in 2017 across the            UK, Canada and Australia
  • TV operators            end up with smaller, higher            audiences with SVOD services gaining            but lower quality audiences
  • Premium video            demand will explode as content            used for differentiation by SVOD            messaging services
  • It is            cord-cutting so much as a            with more strands
  • Messaging app            are the walled gardens which            networks need to overcome
  • Netflix is            as the global cheerleader for            but in reality it is            a next generation full-stack streaming           
  • Social talent            essential for authenticity among younger           
  • Networks now            to decide with platform partners            to monetize and when to            monetize
  • Next generation            such as Amazon are now            global scale and distribution

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Apple, BBC Worldwide, Dish, Google, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, HBO, Netflix, Snap Inc, Viacom, YouTube

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