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MIDiA Spotlight: Brand Fans Streaming Companies Top Brand Rankings

Report by Georgia Meyer
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This is part of MIDiA’s data snapshot series in which we spotlight curated consumer datasets. 

Figure            Streaming Giants Have the Biggest Brand Fan Audiences Brand Fan Penetration for Leading Technology and Consumer Electronics Brands,            2018

Differentiated brand propositions are increasingly required in a technology and media landscape flooded with parity-led content and few, if any, distinctions on price. Ensuring as close a correlation between brand awareness and brand affinity, via sophisticated exploration of a brand’s values, ought to be a key priority for marketers going forward. 

YouTube has the biggest audience of fans amongst the leading technology and consumer electronics brands, with            fandom. YouTube is also the single most widespread music activity, across ages            of consumers watch music videos on YouTube). The brand with the next highest fandom measure is Netflix, another major mainstream streaming service, with            fandom. Netflix is closely followed by Amazon at           

Although Apple’s products find themselves more deeply embedded into consumers lives in many more ways than simply music streaming, its fandom measure            sits only            points higher than Spotify’s            – which is known for music streaming only. Sonos fandom among all consumers, at            sits at double the penetration of its devices            – suggesting strong brand affinity that stretches beyond its immediate consumer base. 

As brands become ever more intertwined in the lives of their consumers, fandom is an essential measure to track the health of this relationship. In the realm of technology and media, where there is ample scope to build richer customer relationships above and beyond the functional utility of a product, the importance of fandom is even more pronounced.