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Report by Karol Severin and Sam Griffin
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This bundle contains three of our most recent games strategy reports, providing you with a wide selection of insights and content from our analysts. Take this opportunity to get some of our most recent data at a discounted price.

Games’ cultural role in the 2020s

Over time, games have carved out their role from the cultural fringes, through to becoming a firmly established part of digital-consumer culture. Now, they have the opportunity to become the epicentre of digital culture. To do so, gaming needs (and has already started) to evolve from a standalone pastime towards a destination for all other forms of entertainment. Games companies should proactively embrace, rather than compete against, other attention-seeking entertainment formats. Together, they can create unique experiences for audiences and all benefit from incremental value.

Games consumption in the first quarter of 2022

Time spent on games is growing in importance as a key performance indicator for the games industry. Whether it is games subscription services deciding which titles and publishers to prioritise in terms of partnerships, or individual games assessing which distributor or console ecosystem to strike an exclusive deal with, right through to planning effective marketing campaigns and product strategies, the average time spent on games and the monitoring of relevant gamer segments will play an increasingly important role. With this in mind, MIDiA presents its inaugural annual games consumption model and report.

From marketing to monetisation
Games-related video consumption is now as big as established TV and video genres. Despite games companies providing the fuel for the games video sector (i.e., games experiences, processed into content by creators), the monetisation is mostly enjoyed by established games video platforms. Games companies have an opportunity to deploy an additional interactive layer of experiences into video creation and consumption. In doing so, they can create incremental revenues for themselves and creators, and improve consumer experience without majorly disrupting the already established value and relationships with video platforms.

Available for purchase

Price: £5,000.00 excl. VAT