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From Music Video To Music Inspired Video Music Video In The Multi-Distribution Era

Report by Tim Mulligan
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Music video at the end of 2016 finds itself at a crossroads. The original perception of Music video as a sales promotion tool no longer applies in the post-download era, when consumers are now showing a clear preference for streaming rather than buying one-off products. This, combined with the post-platform distribution model that is evolving in the digital economy, means that music video’s role has to change. Music video as a genre now has to do two things: it has to be native to specific platforms and has to encompass content where music is the theme but not necessarily all of the video.

Key Findings 

  • Music video            entered its third phase of           
  • Music accounts                       of the views for the                       most viewed YouTube channels 
  • Music only            for            of the YouTube channel            in the top           
  • Video consumption            now highly fragmented with messaging            becoming a significant distribution channel
  • The most            YouTuber puts out            times as            video content in a week            the most prolific music artist            the top            YouTube channels
  • Music accounts                       of videos viewed on YouTube            only            of time spent
  • With pre-roll            ads being served approximately every            on YouTube, music’s share of            ad revenue is just           
  • New video            are needed that create context            music and that are native            the platforms they are consumed           

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