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Brazil Video Market Country Profile Social Video and Pay-TV Vie for Dominance

Report by Leo Morel
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Brazil Video Market Country Profile: Social Video And Pay-TV Vie For Dominance

The 20,000 Foot View: Despite the current period of economic and political crises, Brazil has become one of the main digital video consumption markets globally on account of smartphone and YouTube proliferation. Nevertheless, traditional media such as free-to-air and pay-TV still have a major presence among Brazil’s cultural habits. Moreover, in the last decade, the country experienced a reduction in social inequality, bringing a large swathe of Brazil’s lowest income classes into the consumer market, in turn contributing to the development of the digital video market.

Key Findings 

  • Pay-TV recorded                       growth from 2010 to 2015;            in 2016 the country’s current            crisis made the number of            shrink by           
  • Brazil’s upper            are driving pay-TV adoption while            income groups are driving YouTube           
  • The smartphone            the most popular device for            consumption, with smartphone penetration at           
  • Pay-TV is            key entertainment category for Brazilian            being present in            of the            total households registered in the           
  • YouTube is            main digital video platform in            with            of consumers watching at            one YouTube video per month
  • Brazil’s social            drives strong adoption of on-demand            among its wealthier citizens
  • Brazilians are            digital social media users with            than            million users on Facebook            videos every month

Companies Mentioned: Amazon, Band, Facebook, Netflix, Porta Dos Fundos, Rede Globo, Rede TV, YouTube

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