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BE THE CHANGE - Women Making Music

Report by Hanna Kahlert and Srishti Das


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The second iteration of this project is .

Be The Change: Women Making Music

Key insights

  • Gendered expectations            skewed recognition and reward in            music industry: of            women creators            the world,            think that it            harder for female artists to            recognition than male artists
  • Linked to            is the fact that there            not as many female role            for independent creators            agree,            ‘agree           
  • Almost two-thirds            female creators identified sexual harassment            objectification as a key challenge,            it by far the most            problem
  • Sexualisation and            are a consequence (or symptom)            unbalanced power dynamics, as shown            the next ‘big three challenges’:            (identified by            lack of access            male-dominated industry resources            and lower                      
  • These major            are symptomatic of deeper issues            systemic male dominance permeating industry            and behaviours; over            of our            said that they had experienced            bias – nearly half of            frequently
  • Music composition,            and sound has long been            primarily with men, so it            no surprise that the majority            female creators            feel excluded from            composition and production, which makes            aspect of music creation highly           
  • Although the            representation of women in society            increased over the past few                       of women still feel that            exists a perception that women            expected to take on the            role of parenting duties. The            industry wants female artists to            young – partly a symptom            the industry’s youth obsession, but            so that women become successful            they are presumed to decide            take on the role of           
  • To bring            female creators into the industry,            want changes to come from            organisations and from leaders across            music industry through diversity, policies            culture, with            stating this as            of the ‘top three’ ways            encourage more women into the            Meanwhile,            of female creators want            see this organisational change underpinned            legislation
  • The most            starting point is in female-friendly            and safe workspaces            and            of            creators want more change to            from learning and shared experiences,            the form of coaching and           

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