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5G: Use Cases, Hurdles and Opportunity

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:         promises to be the next big step change both in telco business models and the digital content economy. The arrival of        will supercharge the business models of many companies across infrastructure and services but the outlook is less promising for others who are at risk of having their core revenue streams disrupted. As with most nascent, promising technologies, the reality needs distilling out of the hype for        and real work needs to be done on honing the positioning and messaging that will woo consumers.

Key Findings

  • The need for partnerships is central to the outlook for       
  • Despite the euphoria surrounding        initial consumer uptake will be limited
  • Converged telcos like BT, Deutsche Telekom, and Orange will focus on specific verticals such as broadcast and media
           of consumers report having a music telco bundle while        have a video telco bundle
  • Music bundle penetration peaks in        in Sweden, while video peaks in        in the US
           threatens cable companies that depend on broadband for revenue growth by enabling telcos to offer households with fixed wireless access connections
  • There is an opportunity for cable providers to open up their networks and offer access to telcos and potentially the tech giants on a wholesale basis
  • Content, video especially, will be key to communicating the        use case to consumers
  • Current        challenges that need addressing include current network instability, energy consumption and simplifying network architecture
  • There needs to be a reality check on the vendor-driven hype surrounding       
  • The initial        commercial business models will largely be driven by enterprise use cases
  • Huawei is already dominating the global        marketplace, becoming the partner of choice for many telcos
  • As of        2018, Huawei had shipped more than               base stations to operators in Europe, the Middle East and South Korea
  • Huawei also has        carriers in        countries testing or carrying out field trials of       
  • BT Sport’s November 2018 broadcast of the EE Wembley Cup was a showcase for leveraging integrated infrastructure and content assets in        environments

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, AT&T, BT, BT Sport, Deutsche Telekom, Dolby, Dolby Atmos, EE, Huawei, Orange, Verizon, ZTE

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