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Variable Programming How Online Video Is Shaking Off The Schedule Straightjacket

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View

The advent of Video On Demand transformed the business models of the broadcast and pay-TV industries. Now it is set to have an equally disruptive impact on the nature of video content itself as the old analogue limits of linear TV programming no longer apply. With programming space free of scheduling constraints and with the ability to focus shows on specific demographics rather than the mass market, increased content creativity is able to come to the fore during the commissioning process. The result will be strong and compelling content able to reach specific types of viewer with resulting audience loyalty driving increased profitability and revenues.

Key Findings

  • Linear programming is becoming an anachronism in the streaming arena
  • For the under XXX the distinction between online and TV is an arbitrary one
  • SVOD services are beginning to reimagine the creative construct of the TV XXX of XXX linear TV series have only a XXX Range in Episode Length
  • SVOD multi-series do not conform to linear time constraints
  • Netflix’s average episode length range for originals is XXX minutes while Amazon is just XXX minute above linear TV with XXX minutes
  • Commissioning for SVOD has become a battle of man against machine, of Netflix’s algorithm against Amazon’s crowd
Companies mentioned in this report: Netflix, Amazon, BBC

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