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Mainstreaming the metaverse The Apple Vision Pro and entertainment’s opportunity

Report by Tim Mulligan
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20,000 foot view: The Q1 2024 US launch of the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR) device has reignited interest in the metaverse, a bus that has so far stubbornly refused to arrive. Apple’s intent is to deliver at-home immersive VR and AR experiences for affluent but mainstream consumers. The $3,500 price tag and the still nascent spatial computing app ecosystem may constrain its appeal, but Apple has a habit of pushing new tech when it is ready for primetime. This report explores the Apple Vision Pro’s opportunity to be the primary entry point into the metaverse to otherwise unaddressed consumers, led by strategic VR / AR functionality partnerships and investment in mainstream entertainment IP.

Key data and insights included in this report:

  • What impact has the launch of the Apple Vision pro had on mainstream adoption of the metaverse?
  • Analysis of VR users average age, distributions, and entertainment habits
  • Average household income for VR users and other segments
  • What are the opportunities and consumer attitudes towards watch parties for VR users and the average consumer
  • How VR and FAST play a role as major catalysts in enabling watch parties
  • What direction should major metaverse companies such as Meta be taking in 2024?

All survey data is this report is based on the MIDiA Research Q4 2023 Consumer survey, fielded in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, South Korea, and Brazil. Data includes breakdowns by country, age, gender, entertainment platform usage, and VR users.

Table of contents:

  • Number of words: 2569
  • Number of pages: 17
  • Number of infographics: 4

Figure 1: The importance of early adopter VR users

Figure 2: What are the engagement time sinks for VR users?
Figure 3: The watch party opportunity
Figure 4: The VR engagement trajectory

Companies and products mentioned in this report: Apple, Disney+, ‘Eras’, HTC, iPod, Meta, Pluto TV, Rakuten TV, Meta Quest, Reality Labs, Samsung, Taylor Swift, Tubi, VLC, and Xumo

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