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Lean-through consumption Communities are key

Report by Hanna Kahlert
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20,000 foot view:  Entertainment consumption is increasingly shaped by context, as consumers are driven by attention saturation to overlap behaviours as well as choose between them. Different forms of entertainment are better suited to different contexts, with some lending themselves to more social behaviours than others. Fandom emerges when independent consumption meets the social context of a larger group of like-minded fans. Thus, the increasingly social nature of entertainment is lending itself towards growing fandom, which is more monetizable than passive consumption. 

Key insights 

  • As post-Covid            resume, entertainment propositions are competing            again for the free time            available by lockdown, which was            to entertainment (a            increase, referred            as the ‘Covid boom’)
  • Prospects like            which are more prone to            attention, are more at risk.            propositions like music and broader            which are already natively background            are easier to overlap with            resuming activities 
  •            of            regularly discover new music on TikTok, behind only YouTube, at            They are also more likely than average to discover new music on social media, at            and slightly more likely to do so through personal recommendations, at           
  • For video,                       discover new TV shows /            through personal recommendations, while            are            about on par with the            at           
  • For digital            the personalised and social-driven channels            discovery are more important, whereas            consumers are slightly more likely            rely on traditional recommendations 
  • While music            be a background activity in            streaming-driven passive listening stage, and            commands more focused attention, music            a broader range of other            fan-driven activities 
  •            of consumers listen to full albums,            go to gigs and concerts, and            watch live streamed concerts and performances.            also pay to download single tracks or albums, and            buy t-shirts or other merchandise from artists that they like             of Twitch weekly active users (WAUs) stream songs they have heard on TV shows or films,            go to gigs and concerts,            watch live streamed concerts and performances,            pay to download individual tracks or albums and            buy merch, like T-shirts, from bands that they like 
  • Fans do            just like a certain artist            show, they like the sense            belonging and understanding in the            and surrounding community. Thus, it            sense that the more natively            consumers are, the more likely            are to engage in monetizable            behaviours

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Instagram, Minions, Netflix, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube