fuse laptopFuse is MIDiA’s groundbreaking suite of data tools for the digital content economy, with datasets covering all the way through from rights through infrastructure to distribution to the end user.

Fuse features a collection of tools with which clients can explore and interrogate data.

It pulls together all of MIDiA’s proprietary supply and demand side data, giving you the user an unprecedented amount of data and insight into the digital media marketplace. For music, video, TV, games, media and consumer technology there is simply no other data tool that you need.

survey detail fuse
Fuse enables users to explore a best in class data that contains more than 500,000 data points including:

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual company financial data
  • Consumer data on behaviour and attitudes with segments and demos
  • Revenue and user forecasts
  • Company profiles including investment and KPIs
  • Market trackers

For more details on how FUSE can help your business and your decisions, email stephen@midiaresearch.com