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Data Explorer is your guide through all of the most up-to-date consumer data. Book a demo today to see how Data Explorer will enhance your decision making.

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With MIDiA's seamless access to Data Explorer, you can enhance your research capabilities, understand your target audiences better, improve marketing strategies, identify market opportunities, forecast trends, and uncover potential collaborations through consumer behaviour analysis. Empower your business with years of consolidated and valuable consumer insights on one centralised platform.


Compare consumer behaviours across hundreds of consumer segments, enabling you to uncover crucial patterns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

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Build and download personalised graphics in PNG and Excel formats, tailoring visual representations of data to suit your specific needs and presentations. Discover how to become a client and unlock access to the powerful Data Explorer by clicking here.


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Our wide range of segments allow you to dive deeper into our data and identify the nuanced preferences and behaviours of specific audiences.

Data Explorer is here to help you discover the data you need to tailor your business strategies.

Podcast Listeners
Mobile Gamers
Music Afficionados
Mobile TV Viewers
Technology Influencers
TikTok Users
CD Buyers
Playlist Curators
Content Consumers
Guitar Hero Fans
Free Music Streamers
Entertainment Influencers
Amazon Prime Subscribers
Basketball Fans
Merchandise Buyers
Radio Listeners
Apple Music Users
High Listeners
Charter Communications
Cord Cutters
Sports Fans
Music Collectors
K-Pop Fans

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